Macro, Micro and Memories

My exams having ended a while back, I’ve had enough time to recuperate. Thoughts of exams and related topics no longer strike fear in me nor does it send me into anaphylactic shock. As a result, it is only now that I can sit back and reminisce about my days in school. I kept thinking … Continue reading Macro, Micro and Memories


At the top of my list (Korean drama)

I have been hooked onto Korean dramas for close to two years, and it has been a very entertaining journey. I was once a person who scorned Korean drama and even wondered how people were interested in this phenomenon. I admit somewhat sheepishly that before I was forced to watch one, I actually thought they … Continue reading At the top of my list (Korean drama)

No Boundaries

Sinking down with a sigh, the day's events run through her head, a sudden beep makes her smile. She welcomes her companion. Sharing their grief and happiness, drawing strength from each other. The white flickering screen, devoid of emotion, yet energising.   Delivering thoughts to her friend, awaiting in a distant land, which seems so … Continue reading No Boundaries

The Yawn Reaper

When does one yawn? When we’re sleepy, or in class when an important subject just happens to be filled with topics that have a strange affinity towards our yawns and not our attention. It just so happens that the above-mentioned relationship exists between Economics and I. My teacher is absolutely amazing, but there’s just something … Continue reading The Yawn Reaper

Boldly Bangalore

Summer was slowly coming to an end for 12th grader me, and to spice it up I was going to Bangalore. I had already planned each and every detail of my imaginary trip to Bangalore, which I’d take with my friends.