Macro, Micro and Memories

My exams having ended a while back, I’ve had enough time to recuperate. Thoughts of exams and related topics no longer strike fear in me nor does it send me into anaphylactic shock. As a result, it is only now that I can sit back and reminisce about my days in school.

I kept thinking about a particular activity that I began around the end of 12th Grade. Like most activities, it was with quite some reluctance that I actually started. Who in their right mind would be excited to start tuition, that too for economics! Yes, once again Economics was out to get me.

Tuition was somewhat of a mythical thing for me. Having only heard stories from friends, I had no idea what to expect because I had such a convoluted concept of tuition. A big factor that quelled some of my starting fear, was that my friends Princess Chipmunk, Mango and Whirlwind Katrina would be there with me.

So I started tuitions and due to my obvious charms the teacher liked me from the very first moment. Our teacher is the epitome of patience and kindness, and it was very easy to talk to her. She made a subject that I found difficult and struggled to understand, simple and interesting.

Our view
Photo Credits: Megha Nair

The week before our Eco finals found my friends and I holed up in our teacher’s house the entire day. We had cordoned off the balcony as our area, even our teacher considered it our spot, and told other students to sit elsewhere. One must realize that we sat outside without fans during May, when summer is at its peak in India. Though it was extremely hot and humid, we still studied, had fun and happily got distracted. We had a huge mango tree to hide us from the scorching gaze of the sun and the pedestrians that frequented the small road in front of our teacher’s house, while giving us a good view of them. Our group of four endured the heat and humidity of the mornings so that we could enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze in the evening. It was always quiet and calm where we sat. Sometimes a few people would come and sit with us to get a change of scene while studying, but we were always there because we loved the atmosphere. Falling mangoes were a problem but we didn’t venture from under the shade, even though this wasn’t the case for one boy who loved testing the kindness of nature. He very narrowly missed being whacked by a falling mango, I guess Mother nature was in a playful mood.

The Fallen Mango
Photo Credits: Megha Nair

I was actually quite sad when tuition got over, and I still miss going there. Tuition had become an excuse to see my friends, whom otherwise I would only see on the day of the exam. We made so many more memories at tuition and had so many amazing moments together. Since we had a good relationship with our teacher, she wouldn’t mind us sitting together, though we did get threats when our noise exceeded a certain limit. I’m really glad I went for tuitions at least once in my life because I got so much out of it. I scored really well for Economics, I have fond memories with my friends and my teacher and I got to know my own batch mates a lot better.


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