No Boundaries

Sinking down with a sigh,

the day’s events run through her head,

a sudden beep makes her smile.

She welcomes her companion.

Sharing their grief and happiness,

drawing strength from each other.

The white flickering screen,

devoid of emotion, yet energising.


Delivering thoughts to her friend,

awaiting in a distant land,

which seems so near.

The flickering screen devoid of emotion,

a portal for these thoughts.


A friendship forged through words,

the only true bond she’s ever made.

The rest of the world believing her facade.

Her companion,

the only one privy to her feelings.


Though never having met,

they knew each other well.

Their souls meeting through the emotionless screen,

the bond growing stronger each time.


A multitude of emotions shared.

A number of stories exchanged.

A barrage of mails sent and received.

All through the flickering screen, devoid of emotion.


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