The Yawn Reaper

When does one yawn? When we’re sleepy, or in class when an important subject just happens to be filled with topics that have a strange affinity towards our yawns and not our attention.

It just so happens that the above-mentioned relationship exists between Economics and I. My teacher is absolutely amazing, but there’s just something about that subject due to which my yawns and the topics have to be in constant communication. Sometimes I actually think that I’m not breathing enough, and take a nice deep inhalation. But that just turns into another huge yawn and I found out that lack of oxygen is definitely not the cause.


Pic courtesy:Jason Rust

So basically, in Eco class I’m trying to pay attention and make sense of the lines and squiggles on the board while simultaneously stifling the gigantic yawns threatening to escape. Believe me when I say that the sight of one keeping yawns in check and having a studious expression is not charming in the very least. I haven’t yet got the opportunity to check if my classmates are also afflicted by the same problem. One reason being that I sit in the first row under the hawk like gaze of my teacher. The second reason being that even if I did check, it would mean my gaze leaving the board and then being in a state of utter confusion due to the sudden appearance of more shapes and symbols that would be akin to hieroglyphs for me. They seem to have the gift of forming a thousand per second.

One day I had an intriguing thought that left me pondering for the rest of the day. I had realized that I’d never once seen my Eco teacher yawn. After thinking long and hard I came up with quite an ingenious theory. There was all possibility that she could be a ‘Yawn Reaper’. Collecting the yawns of her unsuspecting students and drawing energy from them to fuel her powers. This was probably why she taught 12th grade Economics, as yawns could be collected in abundance, especially if the students were like me. A teacher by day, a crusader fighting for economic justice by night, I pictured her as very heroic. I started adding color to my theory by formulating even the smallest details, like her superhero profile and stuff.

Sadly my theory wasn’t fated to last, because during one of the recent Eco classes I caught sight of the unthinkable. Witnessing the event saw my theory curl up in a corner and become a part of the past. So there we were during Eco period enjoying a 5 min break, when I saw my teacher yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say that I was crushed was an understatement, the painful demise of my theory left me mourning for several minutes.

I decided that I would have to stop coming up with amazing theories from now and that I should go back to having ‘normal’ thoughts. That lasted until I had the most complicated dream that very night. The theory behind the dream is still under construction, just thinking of the hours I’ll need to spend gets me excited. I should probably go and devote time to it now. Till next time……………


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