Blanched Almonds and AKMU

My blog is like a loaf of bread fresh out of the WordPress oven that has been put to cool on a rack. To simply put it, my blog is relatively new. These thoughts struck me as I was pondering over what to write next. I started a new post only to abandon it faster than a sailor does a sinking ship. After confirming that the post would not see the light of day any time soon, munching on blanched almonds seemed the next best thing to do.

Why blanched almonds in particular you ask? Well, for the simple reason that my mom insisted I finish some that she had blanched while making Kheer. So there I was eating the delectable item and marveling at its interesting and crunchier-than-normal texture, when my mom swooped in and filched two of my almonds! Since I’m extra possessive of food, I was of course enraged by this heinous act. After that I was more wary and guarded my almonds like Cerebrus does the gates of Hell. If asked, my mom would agree that I resembled Cerebrus to some degree. I went back to munching and crunching, when I spied my mom coming closer to score a few more almonds. The speed with which I grabbed them was surely faster than that of light. Glaring at me, she said I was a meano with as much emotion as she could gather. My witty reply was “Yes, I’m Lee Meano!” (Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor who acts in dramas and such)

I went back to letting my mind wander lonely as a cloud while ensuring the safety of my almonds by pUnknownutting the rest in my mouth and chewing with a vengeance. Then I started internally fangirling over a Korean group I had recently started listening to – ‘Akdong Musician’, a brother-sister duo who are commonly called ‘AKMU’. Their music is what I call………light. Lee Su Hyun has a beautiful voice that transports me to a spring-like setting, that completes itself when her brother Lee Chan Hyuk joins in. Though I may understand only 5(gross exaggeration) words of the song, I feel like I’ve understood the story they’re trying to convey.

Lee Su Hyun is my age, and when I see how successful she is in life, I analyse myself. This process usually takes place when I’m trying to perfect my impression of a sloth. Yes I feel terrible, and of course my self esteem plummets. But it is only a momentary occurrence of introspection, and I go back to my Kdrama, to making plans of becoming the first Indian Kpop (Korean Pop) idol, and believing that my favourite Kpop group and I would become the best of friends in the future. The last one is a given, that the members of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) or even AKMU would become very good friends of mine in the future and thus the success of my future best friend forgotten till next time.


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